2018 Graduation Party Ideas

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Are you celebrating a graduate this year? We can help you throw a graduation party that your guest of honor and guests won’t soon forget!
Help the class of 2018 celebrate in style the end of one chapter and a beginning of another.


Create a fun backdrop with the year 
Your graduate has had this year in their mind for a long time! Create a fun memorable photo booth for guests to take some great photos and commemorate the day.
Get some balloons of the year or you can get a banner with the year and add balloons along the side.
Decorate with the school colors
We can match just about any school color. Seriously, try us!
Help your grad get into the school spirit this one last time.
Get a kit
Low on time? Grab one of our ready-to-go kits!
You’ll have your decorations set up in no time flat. No one ever know you didn’t hand select each item. 😉


Ask all attendees to share a memory of the graduate. 
This can be done on the spot at the party, but it’s even nicer to give your guests a head up by asking in advance for them to prepare something. Bonus if you can ask without the guest of honor finding out!
Create an advice jar
Have a jar, paper, and pens, where guests can write down some valuable words of wisdom for the new graduate about to take on the world.
Display photos of the guest of honor throughout their lives
Starting as a baby and throughout today! Of course, I’m sure this is much easier if you are a parent throwing the party, but if you’re not, see if you can reach out to a parent, or do some deep diving on social media!
Add another element of fun by playing a “guess the age” game. (make sure you know the correct age for all photos!)
For each one that guests guess correctly, they win a prize!
Lawn games
If your graduation party is outside, consider setting up corn hole, badminton, or bocce ball. These games peopler are pretty good at self organizing and are always a lot of fun.
2018 graduation ideas


  • Make sure you have a place to collect cards and gifts.
  • Have someone assigned to take photos. This doesn’t have to be a professional, maybe just a family friend with a good eye. This will make sure that you will get to enjoy the party, and the graduate will get all of the photos for the memories.
  • Create a special soundtrack through Spotify. This can be a playlist of songs all from the year the graduate was born, or songs from throughout their life.
  • Send invites out early! (Evites make this super easy) Summer fills up fast, make sure to get on everyones calendar early.
  • Have snacks and drinks ready to go when guests arrive. Even if you are planning on serving a meal, make sure there are some light appetizers that people can munch on when they arrive.

Congratulations class of 2018!

Need some supplies or help with your decorations for your graduation party? Come visit one of our locations and our expert party planners can help you out!

graduation party ideas