Create the Perfect Thanksgiving Table Decorations

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Setting the tone for the biggest feast of the year is important. The Thanksgiving table is what everyone centers around. It, in itself, is the centerpiece of the holiday. Create a welcoming and beautiful space for memories to be made this year.
Here are some ways to make your Thanksgiving table even more inviting.



As the days grow darker, candles are always a nice touch to add some light and warmth to any celebration. Even if you have your meal in the afternoon while it’s still daylight, the soft light of candles will be a nice touch.
thanksgiving table decorations


Seasonal fruits and vegetables

Use apples, pears, or small pumpkins to create a deliciously beautiful table.
Bonus: You can eat them later!
Place the fruit or gourds in simple or decorative bowls and use them as a centerpiece, or simply place them directly on the table.
Thanksgiving table decorations


Fall leaves

Real or fake, add some fall color by using leaves on your dinner table. Use them to decorate the sides of candles, or even just placed on the table adds a beautiful pop of color.

thanksgiving table decorations


Bring the outside inside

In addition to leaves, there are lots of other fall foliage that makes for beautiful table decorations. Branches on their own, cranberries, pine cones, and even more leaves can be arranged beautifully.
Thanksgiving table decorations


Still need ideas? That’s what we’re here for!

Stop by either of our locations and our amazingly helpful and friendly team will be happy to help you create the perfect Thanksgiving table for you and your guests.

This is the time of year we give thanks. What are you thankful for this year?