Holiday Party Theme Ideas 2017

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Whether you are throwing a party at home or for the office, these holiday party ideas are sure to be a hit and help you create a memorable festive season!
Picking the right holiday party theme may seem challenging, but it will really help make the details so much easier to plan!
Here are 4 Holiday Party Theme Ideas to help you get started planning the perfect holiday fete!


santa holiday party themeThink Santa hats and big buckles!

What you need:

• Santa Hats (obviously!)
• Red and white ornaments
• Embellishments like signs that say, “I Believe” and “Guess Who’s Coming to Town?”
• If you don’t have a fireplace, create one out of brown paper or find a fake fireplace to place on the wall
• A photo booth with props like Santa and elf hats, signs that say “Naughty” and “Nice”, Rudolph noses, and Reindeer Antlers.
Setting up a photo booth doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. See this great DIY Photo Booth tutorial
We also carry any of the photo booth props you may need at either of our locations.
• If you know who all of the attendees will be, assign everyone a secret Santa and put a cap on the gift spending. Usually, anything under $20 is enough to play with!



Be it the Griswolds or Buddy the Elf, everyone has a favorite holiday movie!

Pick one (or 5) and use them to help inspire your decorations and food.
Here’s an example that you can steal!
“A Christmas Story”
Decor-  1960’s Think big bulbs for holiday lights and lots of tinsel! Bonus points if you score a leg lamp.
Food – Duck (of course) but also kid-friendly foods like grilled cheese sandwiches, popcorn, and mac and cheese.
Activities can include pin the hat on the terrifying Santa, A Christmas Story trivia game, or stick your tongue on ice – well, maybe not that last one…


Take some traditions from all over the world to create a truly eclectic holiday experience.
Ask your co-workers or friends if they have any holiday traditions from other countries they want to contribute.
Have different food stations dedicated to different countries, like fish and sparkling wine to celebrate like they do in the southern hemisphere,  tapas from Spain, bratwursts from Germany.
Decorations can come from all over the world. Every country is a little different for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza.  Do a little research and incorporate different decorations for each.

german holiday party theme


The holidays are all about giving. Why not incorporate that into your theme?
You can pick a cause that you or your company feels strongly about and either collect monetary donations or physical ones, like a food or clothing drive.
Create an added incentive for your party attendees by setting a goal.
If you collect X amount of money or items then _____ will happen.
Like everyone gets to come in an hour later to the office on Monday, or if the goal is met, the donation will be matched by the company.  holiday theme giving



Use Color!


For an employee party, use your companies colors in decorations.
Holiday decorations don’t all have to be red and green, try matching your companies brand colors. We have a huge assortment of colors to choose from.
holiday party theme colors


Create a social tag


Create a social tag for your guests to upload photos to Facebook or Instagram so everyone can relive the fun event.
Something unique like #companynameholidays2017 or #companynamerocks2017


Have fun!

Remember, the holidays are all about bringing people together. Don’t stress the details and remember to have some fun.

Need more help? Stop by either of our stores and our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to help make your party a memorable one!
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