Make 2018’s Valentine’s Day One to Remember!

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Think beyond the flowers this year and make this Valentine’s Day one to remember!


Whether you have a boyfriend or girlfriend or a husband or wife, Valentine’s Day is a special time to show you care.

Here are some ways that you can kick things up a notch this year.

A bouquet of balloons can be a fun change from the flowers. Add a personal element by adding a note in each balloon that your partner has to pop to find. You can add simple notes like “I love you” or even gift certificates for them to redeem later, like, “This card entitles you to control Nextflix for one night”.valentines day balloon
Personalize it
With marketplaces like Etsy, you can get just about anything customized. From a name on a planner to a face on a cookie. And what’s more romantic than a cookie of your loved ones face? Be sure to order these custom items soon though, as they take more time to create!

Gift certificate for a cooking class
Cooking classes are great and it’s an activity you can do together! HipCooks offers some great cooking classes with a variety of themes. You can both learn to make a new dish and test it out in your home kitchen later.

Give a different kind of bouquet
What are some of your partner’s favorite things? Can you make a truly one of a kind bouquet out of some?
Here are some examples:
Find out all of their favorite candy and make a candy bouquet.

Do they like doughnuts? Make a doughnut bouquet! This would work well with cake pops too.
What about a bouquet of their favorite fruits? Mini liquor bottles? Pretty much anything that’s light enough to put on a stick will work!

Leave special notes for them to find
Post-Its work great for this. Leave dozens of special messages for your partner to find! Put one on the TV, in the medicine cabinet, in the refrigerator, under the toilet lid, under the visor in their car, and any other creative place you can find!
These are so fun because they are not usually all found on Valentine’s Day, serving as a constant reminder to your partner just how much they are loved!


For kids, it always seems like Valentine’s Day centers around giving out those little paper Valentines to your entire class, crafts, and of course CANDY!
Whether you are entertaining just one kiddo at home or a classroom full, here are some fun crafts you can do to mark this holiday.
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kids valentines day activities

Create a “Minute to Win It” game!
Stacey Julian over at created this fun game for a classroom of fourth graders. It sounded like a real hit!

valentines kids activities

See the rules and download your own template over on her site here.

Be sure to stop by Everything Party to stock up. We have a bunch of kids Valentine’s Day cards to choose from with everyone’s favorite characters, a great candy selection, and of course decorations!


Just because you are not paired off, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy this holiday. I mean, the origins of Valentine’s Day is still uncertain, but one of the possible sources stems from the Roman feast of Lupercalia that ran from Feb. 13 to 15. The men sacrificed a goat and a dog, and then there were more gruesome details that I’ll spare you from in this post. Let’s just say that Hallmark doesn’t make cards commemorating THAT day.
Point being, you can make what you want of this holiday. Coupled or not.

Have a Spa Night
Take a nice long bath. Light some candles. Try a new facial mask. Buy that moisturizer that you’ve always wanted. The one that makes you smell like springtime.
And watch one of your favorite movies.

valentines day spa night

Have a Galentines (or Guyentines) Day!
Take a page from Leslie Knope and host your very own Galentine’s Day! (or Guyentines Day!)
Grab your closest friends and do something special. Take an art class. Go see a comedy show. See some avant-garde art. Play pinball at the Pinball Museum or Add-a-Ball.
Whatever you and your friends find fun!

What’s something fun you’ve done in the past to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Tell us about it!