Top 7 Adult Halloween Costumes for 2019

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Halloween is a holiday where kids don’t get ALL the fun!
You may be too old to walk around the neighborhood knocking on doors and demanding candy, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end.
Whether you are taking your own little ones trick or treating, hitting up the best Halloween parties and haunted houses, or staying home handing out candy by the fistful, dressing up for Halloween is fun for every adult alike.

This year, we’ve rounded up our top seven adult Halloween costumes for 2019 in case you need some inspiration!


adult werewolf costume with ripped jeans and furry mask#7: Don’t Forget the Classics

Welp, classics are classics for reason! We always see the classics sell well at Everything Party. What’s really fun to see over the years is the new twists and trends that come along with them as well. Is it just us, or did Vampires get way more good looking after Twilight and True Blood came out?

Devils and Demons
Vampires and Werewolves
Witches and Wizards
Ghostly Spirits








scary red black and white womens clown costume with balloons#6: Super Scary

Jump out of your skin scary!

You may not want to be answering the door for the little ones in some of these costumes, but sometimes the scarier the better is just what is called for on this ghoulish night.

IT Chapter Two
Twisted Clowns and Creepy Dolls
8ft Towering Terror Ghouls
Reapers and Zombies
Menacing Phantoms










couples avocado costume#5: It’s Funny

All of your favorite foods!

Haven’t you always wanted to dress up as your favorite foods?? We’re seeing food costumes become more and more popular every year! And why not? Who doesn’t want to dress up as an avocado or a cheeseburger? All of the fun with none of the calories.

Hot dogs
Pints of beer
Avocados and tacos






woman in pretty decorative antlers for halloween costme#4: Create Your Own

Create something creative, original, and fun with a fantastical selection

Getting creative is one of the best things about Halloween!
By mixing and matching a few accessories, you can create a costume that is truly unique and truly all you! If you can dream it, you can be it, and we can help.
Feather masks, boas, capes, and tutus
Wings, headwear, and horns
Ears, tails, and noses
Face decals and makeup kits





woman in black 1920s flapper costume with cigarette and boa#3: Dress for the Decades

Take a time machine and dress for the part. Using your imagination and a little help with your wardrobe, you can be transported to another time and place?
If you could visit any time at all, which would it be?

Roaring 20s
60s Hippie Generation
70s Disco Decades
80s to the Maxx






man in black medieval king costume with crown, cape, and sword#2: Through the Ages

The Game may be over, but you can still be your favorite warrior from history

The Game may be over, but you can still be your favorite warrior from history.  By going even farther back in that time machine, you can be a knight, pirate, or roman.
Take a split off to another dimension and you’ve got dragons, trolls, and fairies. Take a step back and into the realm of fantasy with our through the ages lines of adult costumes.

Crusaders and Warriors
Capes, cloaks, and swords
Dark Monarchs
Roman Heroes
Gods and Goddesses
Swashbucklers and High Seas Heroines

woman posing on captain marvel adult costume#1: Superhero Mania

Fantasy and fun at the movies!

Superhero costumes will continue to be popular for both children and adults this Halloween season. If you could be a superhero, who would you be? And if you created your own superhero, what would your powers be? Just imagine it!
Captain America
Black Panther
Batman and Batgirl
Wonder Woman
Super man
Captain Marvel




That’s our list for 2019! What do you think, do you have your Halloween costume picked out yet?