Top 7 Kids Halloween Costumes for 2019

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Are you ready for Halloween?! Well, even if you’re not, you can bet your kids are. They’ve been thinking about this Halloween since last Halloween!

At Everything Party, this Halloween is something we’ve been thinking about last Halloween too! Let’s just say it’s the kids within us! We just get so dang excited!
That means that we also watch trends and can tell what the top kids Halloween costumes will be each year. Heck after over 20 years in the party business, we’ve got a knack for these kinds of things. 

Also, at Everything Party, we pride ourselves on beating most online store prices. In addition to cost savings, there’s something to be said about seeing these costumes in-person, and supporting a local business to boot! Our party planning and costume experts are always happy to assist you to help make this Halloween a special one to remember!


#7: Inflatables

Blow it up to a new level

Inflatables! These aren’t going away anytime soon, and as a matter of fact we keep seeing more and more fun variations of theses styles every year! Not only are inflatable costumes very popular, but they are also a bit warmer for those of you who plan to trick or treat in the cooler weather… Um, hello Washington State fall! 
Out top inflatables this year are:
Prancing unicorn
Giant panda
Ride-on Dragon
T-rex and T-rex Skeleton
Jet Pack


#6: It’s Funnyyoung boy in funny pizza slice costume

All of your favorite foods!

Humorous costumes are always fun! 
Any adult to a kid: “And what are you going to be this year?”
Awesome kids: “I’m going to be my favorite food, PIZZA!”
Hot dogs




#5: Animal Friendscute toddler sitting down in dragon halloween costume

Real and imaginary

Animals are always a success and this year is no exception. From mystical creatures to furry pest, and zoo friends, animals are super fun to play dress up as!
Dinosaurs and Dragons
Sharks off the Hook
Unicorns, Peacocks, and Kitty Cats
Furry Foxes and Deer




#4: Which Witch?girl posing in purple witch costume with broom

Sparkly or scary – you decide!

We just don’t think it will ever be Halloween without a few witches! Because witches are so popular, there are also so many witch variations!
Are you a good witch or a bad witch?
Are you a cool witch or a mean witch?
So many ways to style a witch costume to any kid’s preference and personality.
Stitch Witch
Cool Witch
Potion Witch
Magical Witch
Spellcaster Witch
And more…




kids scary grim reaper costume

#3: Scary and Spooktacular for Boys

For the kids that are more at home on the darker, more supernatural side of Halloween, these scary and spooky costumes are perfect! Halloween calls to the spooky and spooktacular, so we see a fun new line of these types of costumes every year.
Here are our top picks:
Phantom of Darkness
Soul Taker
Ancient Reaper
Ghastly Gargoyle
Killer Clown
Werewolf Howling at the Moon





2 boys in toy story 4 costumes andy and buzz lightyear#2: Favorite TV Show and Movie Characters

TV and Movie character costumes are changing every year depending on what’s hot and what’s trending. Of course, there are always some classics in the mix, but for 2019, these will be the top of the list for sure!
Paw Patrol – Skye, Marshall, and Chase
Pj Masks – Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko
Toy Story 4 – Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, and BoPeep
Aladdin – Princess Jasmine
Frozen – Anna, Elsa, and Olaf
Star Wars – Classics, Stormtroopers, Rey, Kylo Ren






girl posing in kids captain marvel costume#1: Superheroes

Get ready to save the world!

And of course superheroes! With the last decade of Marvel and DC comic movies, superhero costumes are more popular than ever.
And come on, who doesn’t want to imagine superpowers with any costume?
Captain America
Black Panther
Batman and Batgirl
Wonder Woman and Supergirl
Captain Marvel